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Sun 12 July 2020
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Here is a list and scanned covers of some Neighbourhood Watch material which is available to support the development and growth of officially registered groups in Northamptonshire. 
If you require any of these, please contact the Secretary of the County Association at  Most items are invariably free of charge but if there is a cost we will let you know in advance.
Please note: availability of this material is restricted and some items may be withdrawn from circulation. Quantities for distribution are limited. (April 2017.)

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Be Safe, Be SecureBe Safe, Be Secure

Buying on the DoorstepBuying on the Doorstep

Doorstep CrimeDoorstep Crime

Guide to Home SecurityGuide to Home Security

NHW Members GuideNHW Members Guide

Stay SafeStay Safe

How To Stay Safe on the StreetsHow To Stay Safe on the Streets

How do you find a Trader that's on the level?How do you find a Trader that's on the level?

This is... What's it all about?This is... What's it all about?